Release: Freakslum – Booty Dance

I’ll come right out and admit one crucial error that our blog has made recently.

We’ve been focusing our coverage completely on progressive house music, filled with synths and hard-hitting drops, and we’ve been ignoring other genres of electronic music that require as much skill to produce. Tech house is a big area in which our coverage is lacking, but I hope that this post will signify a turning of the tides for our blog. I want to make sure we can cover all of the best progressive house out there while also incorporating more tech house, electro, and dubstep.
With all of that said, here is a dope new tech house tune from Brazilian duo Freakslum. For those of you that don’t know about Freakslum, they are one of the biggest movers and shakers in the electronic music game in South America, perhaps one of the best tech-house groups in the entire continent. Their stuff is minimal but groovy at the same time, and it simply gets the dance floor moving. Check out this track below and make sure to visit their soundcloud page for more information.

Freakslum – Booty Dance by 11Hz Recordings


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