Release: Sebastien Drums – French Rules (Original + Muzzaik Mixes)

Onetime Avicii collaborator Sebastian Drums, combines with the vocalist from David Guetta’s mega track Louder Than Words, Niles Mason, to create a post-French house banger French Rules.

While the Dutch and the Swedes may receive more attention for their productions, tracks like this one demonstrate that the French have still got it.

The original, while clearly an updated, more modern and globalized EDM track, still displays elements of French house. Notice the classic percussion lines and funky synth lines in the buildup.

Muzzaik’s mix is a more minimal, more sped up rendition of the track, guided to a much greater extent by the vocals. During the buildup, there are few instrumentals to distract from Niles Mason’s “energetic and soulful” vocals. The drop is melodically quite bland, but the energy which Muzzaik has given to the percussion and bass lines create a highly danceable track.

Be sure to pick up your copy here at Beatport.

Sebastien Drums – French Rules by Stealth Records

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