Release: John Dahlback – Escape + Heroes + Feel It

John Dahlback releases a big compilation album on Toolroom Records, including three original releases, Escape, Heroes, and Feel It, showcasing his genre-spanning style.

Feel It is a tech house track, demonstrating Dahlback’s move into other subgenres of EDM besides the big progressive house sound we all know and love him for. I am not a huge tech house fan, but as songs of that genre go, this one is pretty good.

Escape is the real gem of this release for me. We see small elements of the Dahlback’s new interest, tech house, in this track’s drop, but the track is primarily a melodic, uplifting progressive house banger. A long, tasty buildup makes this a classic Dahlback track.

Heroes is a funkier, harder house track than either of the other two. Weird effects and synth lines come together in a festival-ready package. Don’t be surprised to hear a DJ like Tiesto drop this wild and wonderful track.

Be sure to pick up these originals, and the rest of the compilation at Beatport here.

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