Preview: Klangkarussell – Smoothie v1

Introducing Klangkarussell, a DJ/Producer from Salzburg, Austria, with a sound that you’ve never heard before. He calls it “Jazz House” or “Smooth House”. Check out an early version of his new track, Smoothie v1.

Klangkarussell’s signature sound is a chill form of German techno/house that is very easy on the ears. Think the techno sound and funky noises of someone like Paul Kalkbrenner slowed down for you to relax to. No release info known yet, but make sure to keep checking back for more information.

BONUS: check out his sick track from 2011, Sonnentanz, a more upbeat, melodic wonder:


3 responses to Preview: Klangkarussell – Smoothie v1

  1. devilsown

    Salzburg > Austria, not Germany! ;-)

  2. Masseusi


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