Free Release: Ram Jam – Black Betty (Lunde Bros. Bootleg)

A funky new bootleg by Lunde Bros. of the classic rock track Black Betty, by Ram Jam. Somehow they have kept the funk that gave this track its great success in the 1970′s.

I have always been a fan of old rock tracks being turned into EDM, probably because I’m a classic rock fan. I get bits of the guitar riffs and vocals that I’ve been listening to for ages, plus the 4 on the floor beat of an EDM track – this particular remix screams out funk. The bouncing drum lines are wonderfully reminiscent of the original drum track. When the vocals finally drop in about 2/3 of the way through the track, the sensation is epic. Definitely for you DJs out there to mix up your sets with a curveball.

Best of all, its free… simply click on the download button on the embed.

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